Walmart covid testing



Covid-19 struck the world suddenly in such a way that everyone was wondering what will happen. A lot of health care and pharmaceutical corporations came into action to fight against the deadly virus. Walmart is one of the corporations that started covid-19 testing operations. Walmart covid testing provided high quality services making sure the safety of people at testing site.

In start, walmart started drive-through testing at its parking lot. At first day, hundreds of cars were in lines that showed how much important the work was. Drive-through testing improved day by day as the number of tests conducted each day was increasing.

People had to schedule their test online and come to local walmart for test where they take a nasal or saliva test in the observation of pharmacist while sitting in their car. Professionals take nasal samples of the patients and collect the sample in a container with proper labelling and send to laboratory for testing process. Laboratory partners conduct tests for corona virus and display results on daily basis.

Self administered sampling:

As the number of cases increased, self sampling kits came into existence which transformed sampling from a pharmacist assisted nasal swab to a self administered nasal swab, observed by trained pharmacists. This further improved the testing speed and reduced the risk of getting infection.

Mobile testing sites:

Walmart mobile testing sites primarily focus on the areas underserved or where walmart parking sites were not available. Walmart made sure to meet the needs of underserved populations and expand access to tests to even more Americans.

Safety and quality:

Each testing site is supported by Walmart pharmacists who are paid volunteers, lab staff from laboratory partners, security and law enforcement from the local community or state, including the National Guard and volunteers from Remote Area Medical.

Number of people affected by the corona virus gradually increased to millions and in the same way walmart expended the number of testing sites across america. As the number of covid testing sites increased, more and more personal protective equipment and testing kits were required to cope up the need. Walmart provided the personal protective equipment and testing kits through its pharmacies.

Making a difference:

Walmart’s involvement is entirely donated, from parking lot space to site supplies and materials. Walmart is supporting this effort as it is dire need of time and bright thing to do. Due to huge demand of personal protective equipment for the safety of health care workers, walmart is supporting in this challenge and is providing personal protective equipment and other supplies. This chain continues across the america making a difference and a positive change across the country.


Walmart covid testing consist of three main types of sampling techniques including pharmacist assisted nasal swab, self administered nasal sampling and mobile testing sites for underserved areas. Throughout each testing setting, walmart ensures quality while providing safety to the health care workers and patients. Not only in testing but walmart exceeds in providing other health care supplies across the america.