Steward health care system



Steward health care system is the largest private health care network in united states. Steward health care network is famous for its world class high quality medical facilities and services.

Steward health care system operates in 39 community hospitals across nine states and 5 internationally in the countries of Malta and Colombia. This health care network is currently serving over 800 communities with 5,500 providers and 43,000 dedicated health care professionals caring for 12.3 million patients annually.

Steward health care model:

Steward health care system focuses on high quality care for all the patients via innovative services and health care models. Steward health care system is transforming the health care across the United States through doctor led health care facilities and other professional staff.

What to expect.?

In steward health care network one may get primary care doctors and specialists both on the floor. Their aim is to prioritise patient care while providing preventive care as well as other medical treatments. Doctors and other professionals work in a team and provide high quality care to the patients making sure that patients spend less time in hospital. Steward high quality patient care services regularly achieve the highest ratings for quality and safety.

What makes steward health care system unique.?

· It is a doctor led, high quality , multi specialty health care network with more than 1,700 services providers delivering high quality patient care services across 11 states in the US.

· Preventive care is the primary focus of steward health care system and it is provided by primary care physicians and speciality doctors working as a team.

· Physicians and advanced care practitioners provide outstanding, high quality and advanced care in the community.

· Steward health care network provides hundreds of medical facilities across America with world class care so that patients no longer move far from their homes to get good quality services.

· Steward health care network is also responsible for care contracts, medical management services, quality improvement programs, data analysis, and information services.

· Steward health care urgent care network provides patients with the facilities of urgent medical treatments. A lot patients prefer to visit doctors when its convenient for them irrespective of doctor’s office hours and this requirement is successfully fulfilled by steward urgent care network.

Steward urgent care affiliations

Steward urgent care network is affiliated with following urgent care facilities;

1. Doctors Express

2. Prima CARE

3. Compass Medical

4. Hawthorn Medical

5. Health Express

6. All Care Medical


Steward health care system is the  largest private health care  network in united states. Primarily doctor led health care model enables high quality patient care and advanced care protocols possible. There are certain key qualities of steward health care system including multi speciality, preventive care focus, large number of facilities and urgent care units which provide multiple services in one place. Affiliations of steward health care system with other urgent care facilities enhances patient care and provides better and quicker treatment options available at any time.