Mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers



Health care workers or so called front line warriors against diseases are the most important source of contagious diseases. Health care workers contact a variety of patients on daily basis as its their job to deal with them. Organism causing contagious diseases can spread easily from a patient to the doctor or any other health care worker and back to other patients. This results in a very serious health situation where number of actively working health care workers decreases and number of patients with new contagious disease increases leading to exhaustion of health care system. For the safety of health care workers, their families and patients, therefore it is mandatory for all health care workers to get vaccinated against certain recommended diseases.

Mandatory Vaccines:

According to centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) it is recommended that all the health care workers including physicians, nurses, emergency medical personnel, medical and nursing students, dental professionals and students, pharmacists, hospital volunteers, laboratory technicians and administrative staff should get vaccinated against Hepatitis B, Influenza, Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR), Chickenpox and Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (Tdap).

Importance of vaccination:

Vaccination provides active immunity against certain diseases before the onset of illness therefore every health care worker needs to get vaccinated.

Health care workers are the most exposed persons to the contagious diseases because of their everyday job and are easy targets for the disease. It is recommended that vaccination of health care workers will reduce the risk of disease spread in hospitals and other health care facilities.

It will increase the number of actively working physicians and other staff as rate of infected workers will decline and health care system will not get exhausted.

Mandatory vaccination for health care workers recently came into high attention of authorities and general population due to worldwide spread of Covid-19. In view of recent pandemic of COVID-19, it is now recommended by many health care professionals and health care regulatory authorities that health care workers should get vaccinated against corona virus.


Health care workers are prone to spread of contagious diseases as they can acquire infection from already infected patients and spread to other unvaccinated and immunocompromised patients admitting in hospital. A minor medical procedure of vaccination provides excellent immunity against certain diseases. CDC recommended a number of vaccines for the health care workers including Hepatitis B and other vaccines. Due to recent worldwide infection of corona virus, now corona virus vaccine is also mandatory for health care workers. To prevent the spread of contagious diseases and health care system exhaustion, it is recommended that all health care workers including physicians, nurses and other staff should get vaccinated against certain diseases. Health care regulatory authorities and many health care societies noted that vaccinated health care workers can prevent the spread of certain infection and this will reduce burden on health care system. Therefor for the safety of health care workers, their families and patients, it is mandatory for all health care workers to get vaccinated against certain contagious diseases.