Winter Floral Inspo Outfits


One of the beauties of fashion comes from the ability and possibility to wear, match and style different prints and patterns, whenever you want, however, you want it. For a long time, there has been a discussion about whether certain prints and patterns are seasonal and limited and available only to a particular season. This especially referred to one famous and popular print  - the florals. Fashion history shows that the florals are the print that most commonly refers to the spring and summer seasons. But, with the change in fashion styles and the openness to explore different fashion approaches and possibilities, the florals have grown into prints that can be worn throughout the entire year. So one popular and frequent question is whether the florals are suitable for the winter. And the answer is yes.

Many famous fashion designers have introduced florals into their winter collections. And what is interesting and unique is that this print comes in a thicker, heavier fabric, in moodier colors and hues. All of that perfectly flatters the colder season. So, to get a better perception of what we are talking about, think about long-sleeve wool dresses, heavy blazers, patterned trousers, etc.

Wearing florals in the winter is super easy if you have the right fashion inspo. Here are some suggestions on how to flaunt the florals this winter and look fashionable and stunning.


Layering is one of the things that is fashion-approved and suitable for the colder season. It is also one of the most obvious approaches in adapting the florals to work in winter outfits. It all comes down to finding the right type of pieces. For example, it is best to start by pairing a floral cardigan and a plain turtleneck top, or a printed floral blouse and a sweater.


Finding the right edge

Winter and florals go perfectly hand in hand when there is an addition of some tougher elements. That includes anything from darker prints, velvet appliques, or details that might elevate the look into something more extraordinary. Another option that is great is to mix a leather west or a biker jacket for example into a combination between a lighter and a brighter piece. The chunky shoes will give the final touch.

Lavish fabrics

The focus on the right materials is what will get the winter floral dressing challenge in the right direction. The heavier fabrics and the least expected ones are those that will make the biggest splash. To pull that off, think of using statement accessories and luxurious materials and fabrics such as leather for example. Look for floral details on a material that you usually don't look for and the result will be outstanding.


Traditional hues

The neutral color palette is a safe and sure way to create and work the floral outfit in the right way. With neutral hues, it is all about finding the right balance. One way is to work with a black and white floral skirt and introduce deeper shades to the look with black boots and a deep brown chocolate bomber jacket.