Rose gold hair is the trendiest this summer


Summer always inspires women to change a certain hair color. Most of the time, these decisions are fairly drastic and dramatic, leaving women wondering if it's blonde or blushing. Well, strawberry blonde is one of the hottest hair color suggestions this summer for everyone with this particular predicament. What makes this hair color so good and attractive is that it comes in varying amounts of blonde and copper tones. Blending, blending, and light all help make colors look different from every angle. It looks great on all skin tones, especially since it comes in multiple shades. However, it depends on the base color. Certain hair colors may require bleach for the hair to absorb the strawberry color properly. It's also what makes these colors, and all reds in general, so difficult to maintain and maintain - they fade quickly.

If you've already tried strawberry blonde, there are many more similar and interesting hair colors to choose from. And it's all great for this summer.

Rose gold

Rose gold is poised to be one of the biggest hair color trends of the year. Strawberry gold has a lot of copper tones mixed in, but rose gold pushes toward red until it turns pink. It is a muted shade that is somewhere between copper and red and looks very flattering and flattering on all skin tones.

Classic Strawberry Blonde

As mentioned earlier, the classic strawberry blonde is a color you can't go wrong with. The shades are equal parts red and gold. This is a fresh, attractive and fun hair color that will add many variations to your everyday look.

Black honey

Dark Honey is a shade that mixes brown undertones with golden and subtle red highlights. This is an excellent choice for fair-skinned women. It looks great but needs a little maintenance. When exposed to sunlight, the color starts to fade quickly even after a few washes.

Dust rose balayage

Dusty roses are a great option for strawberry blondes. This is an increasingly popular shade. What makes it so great is that it comes from the same family as the Strawberry Blonde. However, the red is softer with more champagne tones than copper tones. Again, this is the right hair color for everyone due to the difference in light and angles.

Baby copper

Baby Copper is a hair color defined as a blend of copper tones with blond blonde. This is a great option for those who currently have darker shades. It looks great on women with all hair colors from light blonde to light brown. This is a cool and refreshing option for summer.