How to keep and clean your white sneakers?


Some fashion pieces are timeless. They sustain the change in fashion and come up on the fashion ladder season after season. The LBD, the leather jacket, a good pair of jeans, and the white sneakers are the things that are the base of a good fashion style. When talking about sneakers, it is inevitable to mention that they have always been popular. But, with the rise of streetwear as high fashion, sneakers have jumped on top and become an iconic piece. Especially the white sneakers.


The market today offers a variety of options for white sneakers. And while leather and synthetic textile shoes are always present, the summer season suggests wearing something lighter, like canvas sneakers. The white canvas sneakers can get dirty quickly, and knowing how to keep them clean will make them last longer and look good.


Here is everything you need to know about maintaining white canvas sneakers.



Care and maintenance


As mentioned above, the white canvas sneakers will lose their good clean look over time. Instead of not wearing them since they do not look crisp white, some preventive steps can slow the white canvas sneakers' aging and dirtying process. Taking the best care of white sneakers can be done by investing in a solution that will protect them from stains. Such a solution works great when you spray the canvas shoes before wearing them for the first time. It will cover the shoes from accidental spills or major weather-related dirt. But, this is not enough. The regular upkeep after every time you wear them will help keep the dust off and dirt from accumulating.



How to clean white canvas shoes?


There are many tips and suggestions on efficiently cleaning the white canvas sneakers. Start with removing any debris that might have accumulated on the sneakers. Do that with a soft dry brush. The next step is to use a solution and a brush and scrub the entire surface. When you finish with that, rinse the upper side of the shoe under running water and repeat the process. Sometimes leaving the solution on the sneakers for a day will have better effects. When you finish the cleaning, it is time for the shoes to dry. Not to ruin the shoes, use a microfiber towel and dab and twist the material. It will soak as much liquid as possible. After that, leave the sneakers to air dry or use a hair dryer to speed up the process. It is essential to use the hair dye at a low speed, so there are no stains on the canvas. Another thing that you should avoid is bleach because, over time, the white canvas will turn yellow.


Now that you know how to clean your white canvas sneakers, get to it properly!